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Honesty. Professionalism. Respect.

We are Jill Hansell McCune and Carolyn Tierney, the managing partners of Hansell Tierney.

We created the company to serve and staff Northwest companies better by doing three things really well: finding high-quality candidates through expertise, not volume; being as devoted to your success as we are to our own; and by being completely honest with you.

These are the cornerstone values of our firm and for nearly 15 years they have powered our growth and success. These values are the reason we’ll tell you honestly if your compensation range is too low or if your recruiting goals are unrealistic.

They are why we treat our candidates with the same level of professional respect and integrity as the clients we send them to. And they are why every single resume we send to you represents a real person we have actually talked to and believe is worth your time.

Our business is not built on churn and burn. It’s built on deep understanding of the marketplace of talent, and on using that understanding to meet your recruiting needs.

We are proud and grateful to our many clients and look forward to counting you among them.

Thank you,
— Jill & Carolyn