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Watchguard Technologies

The Challenge

Watchguard Technologies needed a constant pipeline of qualified support staff to fulfill its commitment to exceptional, personal customer service for customers. But with the in-house team already overloaded, they lacked the internal resources to meet the demand.

The Hansell Tierney Solution

Hansell Tierney provided Watchguard Technologies with a unique solution. Instead of a sending down an avalanche of candidates, they placed a recruiter on-site at Watchguard several days a week.

The results were dramatic. Watchguard gained all the efficiency and customized service of having someone in-house, but with the full power of HT’s team back at the main office to deliver a consistent supply of qualified candidates.


  • Gives the customer support team its own dedicated recruiter.
  • Reduces stress and workload on the in-house team.
  • Allows the HR/recruiting group to focus on hiring for the rest of the company.

The Full Story

Shane Watkins oversees compensation, benefits, and recruiting for Watchguard Technologies.

But the recruiting piece was causing him problems.

Watchguard’s phone support center employs roughly 80 people, and keeping it fully staffed was a headache — one that was keeping Watchguard’s in-house recruiter scrambling to hire for the rest of the company.

She needed help.

Watkins already knew the power of Hansell Tierney’s personalized approach because he had worked with them at three previous companies. So when he needed more help, it was an easy call.

“If people seem honest and decent,” Watkins says, “I give them a chance. They did very, very well. So more chances followed.”

Watkins explained his problem: Staffing the support team was taking up more time and resources than he had in house. Hansell Tierney stepped in and got the recruits.

Trying a deeper engagement

Having experienced success with Hansell Tierney before, Watkins was willing to try an even deeper engagement.

He invited Randi from Hansell Tierney to step in and take over recruiting and staffing for Watchguard’s call center. Although a part of the Hansell Tierney team, Randi works as a Watchguard-branded employee.

“She’s embedded within the hiring team,” says Watkins. “If I hadn’t told them she wasn’t part of Watchguard, they wouldn’t know.”

But Watkins didn’t get just what he expected from Hansell Tierney.

He got more.

An extension of the team

With the support and backing of the entire Hansell Tierney team to help with sourcing and hiring, Randi is able to deliver far more than any one recruiter could alone. “I’m paying for one person,” says Watkins, “but I’m getting four or five.”

As a result, he has more bandwidth for other work, and there’s more space for his internal recruiter. Having Hansell Tierney “de-stresses us and makes us look better,” he says. “I feel like they’re an extension of my team. We share in each other’s success.”

“They’re real, they’re down-to-earth, and they’re not corporate,” he says.

Being un-corporate may be the biggest benefit of all.

“Dealing with the big agencies can be like working with a used car salesman,” says Watkins. “They all want to tell you about how awesome they are. Hansell Tierney understands that you have to create a relationship first.”

And after that?

“They will make you look good.”

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