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Recruiting for Northwest companies.

Contract. Full Time. On-Site Support.

We are recruiters, but we don’t send resumes. Resumes are what everybody else sends. We send people. People whom we have already talked to and screened, so we know they are qualified and are a good fit for the position and for your company culture. The resumes we send are just the summary of all the work we’ve done.

We analyze the way each position is defined, the salary range offered, even the speed of the feedback loop, and identify any element that may be hindering effective recruitment. That’s the difference real expertise makes.

Smarter Recruiting Starts Here:

  • Define roles accurately
  • Develop an efficient sourcing plan
  • Identify the right candidates, and treat them with respect
  • Prescreen every candidate
  • Recommend appropriate compensation packages
  • Appeal to top talent with honesty and transparency
  • Onboard effectively so everyone can get right to work
  • Create a positive impression of your company brand

Seattle High Tech Recruiting Agency

You don’t need to find a hundred candidates. Just the right one.

Contract/ Contract-to-Hire Positions

Best for:

  • Hiring for contract and contract-to-hire positions
  • Hiring managers who need to help staffing a specific project
  • Finding talent to lead specific initiatives and execute defined projects

No HR or hiring manager wants to read a pile of resumes, when fewer will yield the right candidate. With this service we do all the searching and vetting for you, so you can meet fewer people, and find just the right fit.

We start with a critical understanding of the marketplace of talent: what good people expect to be paid, how they want and deserve to be treated, how to match their talent to the right job.

It is this long-term approach that yields the kinds of referrals you have to earn over time. The result? Our clients stick with us over the long-term, and our candidates trust us enough to refer their friends.

In-house Recruiting and RPO

Best for:

  • Overstretched HR teams that need more hands on deck
  • Small and medium sized tech companies that don’t have a full time HR or recruiting team
  • Companies experiencing a surge in staffing and on-boarding demand

With this service, a senior Hansell Tierney recruiter integrates with your team on site for a fixed number of days per week. Working in close partnership, we help you define roles, find the most highly qualified candidates, implement a total recruiting process, and provide a trusted recruiting and HR mentor to your staff throughout the day.

Services include: recruiting process improvement, recruitment process outsourcing, increased candidate flow, applicant tracking systems implementation, recruiting-organization design, and training in-house recruiters.

Full Time Positions

Best for:

  • Identifying and recruiting talent for full time positions
  • Search for confidential, unique, hard-to-fill and executive openings.
  • Discreet recruitment of talent

Because we know Northwest companies so intimately, we are uniquely positioned to recruit for even the most challenging positions. Balancing urgency and quality, we will find you the candidates best suited to join your organization.

We personally interview every single candidate to be sure the candidates we send you not only have all the skills required, but  are also a good cultural fit with your organization.

Our reputation for professionalism, ethical conduct and delivering stellar results is built on 15 years of doing great work.

Recruitment Consulting

Best for:

  • HR teams that need support
  • Organizations that do not have formal a HR lead or program
  • Managers who want to outsource HR functions

When your team already has a full plate but critical HR functions are being left undone, this service frees your team to focus on their existing work, and leave the HR functions to us. Hansell Tierney will help you design effective recruiting organizations, train your in-house recruiters, teach hiring managers critical interviewing skills and help you write more effective job postings.

We also teach you how to use social media such as LinkedIn more effectively, standardize company recruiting processes, and install, improve, and maintain applicant-tracking systems.