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Monica Gardenier

Senior Account Manager

Monica has come to Hansell Tierney with more than 20 years of industry experience.

From solar technology research or gathering plant floor information for automation efficiency and enterprise visibility, Monica has a broad spectrum of knowledge and contacts.   Monica excels at solving the age old problem of “what keeps you up at night?”

“My approach is simple and straightforward to understand the client needs and bring the best solutions to bear.”

  • Listen
    What’s on your mind, not mine?
  • Compassion / Understanding
    What is the root source and your needs?
  • Action
    Galvanizing the right resources and managing the details
  • Done
    Projects completed with the highest quality possible, hitting milestones, at or below budget

Extracurricular and education
Yes, Monica is a geek at heart with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and started her career as a solar research scientist.  The right brain is mirrored with creativity, passion for food and world travel.  The motto she lives by is “Take a trip of a lifetime once a year”.


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