Candidate Services

Prepared and Polished Candidates

Whether you’re actively job hunting, passively looking, or just open to a conversation about a potential new role we work with our candidates to land their next dream job. We provide the following services for candidates we submit to our clients.

Resume Feedback/Edits

Resumes come in all shapes and sizes. Our recruiters have seen them all. What stands out on a resume? What key words should you include? What is the right level of detail? These are just some of the questions we help our candidates answer on their resumes.


Online Profile Review

Your online profile can tell hiring managers a lot about you, or they could reveal one data point that could set you back in a job search. There is no ‘right’ profile to display on LinkedIn or other sites, but our recruiters help our candidates tailor their online profiles to strengthen their personal brand.

Resources (Coming Soon)

Interview Preparation

When was the last time you were interviewed? If it has been awhile you may want to brush up on your interview skills (yes, it is a skill). Helping you with your STAR examples, coming up with good questions to ask of hiring managers, or just doing a practice interview to get you more comfortable are all ways we prepare our candidates to excel in their interviews.


Thinking about a new role but don’t see the right position on our job board? New positions open up each day and we want to hear from you. Take a few minutes to fill out an online application, tell us a little bit more about your experience, and let us know what you are looking for in your next role. Completing your profile will give us a head start on assessing your potential fit so that we can get in touch when we have an opportunity that aligns with your unique skills and experience.