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For Northwest companies operating in a tight labor market, recruiting top talent can feel like a relentless burden.

More than 70% of all jobs are found through networking. The hidden job market.

To find the best opportunities and the top talent, let Hansell Tierney do the networking for you.

Fortunately, this is what we do best. We make connections.

Professional, reliable recruiting for Northwest companies. Contract, direct hire or recruiting support.

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Open positions leave your team feeling overburdened and critical work left undone. We identify and send you the best candidates so that you can focus on your business. Contract, Direct Hire, Executive Search. Learn More >>
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You have the talent, we have the network. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and putting people together. If you are considering a job search we can help you with your process and find the best employer to fit your career and personal needs.Search Now >>
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A knowledgeable team dedicated to service and partnership. Trusted by candidates, HR and decision makers. Working with Hansell Tierney will drastically improve your experience of the hiring process and the job search. Learn More >>

Deep Roots and Sound Judgment

Most people think recruiting consists of posting an open job and reviewing applicants.

It’s just not that easy.

Recruiting is an active pursuit of the best people whether they are looking for a new job or not. It requires a thorough understanding of the role, as well as the talent market. With our deep roots in the Northwest and the sound judgment that comes from many years of experience, we deliver more of the candidates you will want to meet so you can spend less time reading unqualified resumes.

Recruiting was becoming too big a part of my daily job. Having them sourcing everything, lining up the resumes, and finding candidates was super-convenient. They just took away the hassle.

Shane Clifford Intentional Software December 1, 2015

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